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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

November 20, 2009

hello sisters ..

I just want to talk about something .. really i noticed that its spreading in many girls profiles ..

sister , why you put your photos in your profile while you are wearing such clothes ? ,, which show all your body or most of it ?? 

waiting someone to tell you woow you are beautiful ?? ,, what you'll gain from this ??

believe me nothing ,,

many guys will say woow what a SEXY girl !! ,, may alah bless you , and lead you to the right way ..

dear ,,

you're value is so high ,, don't lead it to be sooo down

you are a jewel ,, dont through it in mud by your hands ..

 I Love you in alah ..

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05:25 PM Feb 04 2010

the Remarkable
Saudi Arabia

Perfect .!

 Allah bless you .. your way of writing was a wonderful that makes who read, think logically .. not any other believes For all people ..


I hope that all girls do as that ..

Thank u .. keep it up ..{ maybe that should be a curious comment .. but I want to support you

04:17 AM Nov 20 2009



I agree to you.