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Patrick's Blog

December 25, 2007

I joined a new project last Wednesday. I was tired and strained since then. It is a new challenge for me. I am not familiar with the environment and the business scenarios of the customer company. Everything is strange.

I felt a little comfortable after a previous team member kindly transfered knowledge to me. I began to be clear about the organization and the main businesses of the company.

I think patient is of most importance for me to adapt to the new position. I will try my best.


06:04 AM Jan 31 2008


Thanks a lot!

08:27 AM Dec 25 2007


Dear Patrick,

Don't be afraid, most of us started like you, to build your job career, you must be strong, patient and supportive, so keep going on your new job with opining mind and working hard.



December 11, 2007

My current project ended formally today. I felt no pleasure from A to Z. So I'm happy tonight. I plan to go home and have a rest. Then I will prepare for the next project. As to my boss, he want me to go to another project as soon as possible. Whatever, I wish I could have a good holiday.

December 10, 2007

I have been here for about one week. I got into the chatroom later. I seted IE to prevent the flash from popping up. So I could see nothing when I got into English Chat.

After I entered the chatroom, I found a wonderful place to practise oral English and make friends. Most the guys here are students. I met with a Thailand girl who fooled me that she was a cover model of sexy magazines. And I met an Arabian girl who was open-minded. The Vietnam students were politics-insensitive.

Most frequently, I talked with compatriots. I have invited my friends to go to this website.