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February 29, 2012

This is my first post on my new blog. I have had one on another site but the texts there are in my national language - Polish. I don't know what I should write at the beggining. Maybe something about this blog and about me? OK. So this blog will be something like my private diary. I write about my live, friends and how I spend time.

Now something about me. I am a shy person with a big imagination. I am creative. I like reading books, shopping, writing stories, meeting with my friends and learning languages. I have learned English for 7 years, German for 11 years and Latin for 2 years. Lately I have start to learn Hindi. I am going to start to learn Hungarian in the next week.

Tomorrow I have the first lesson with an English native speaker. I am afraid because I know thah I have problems with talking in English. I know construcions and words but when I start to talk, something block me. But I hope I can talk something on a tomorrow class.


                                      PATTS :)

12:23 AM Mar 02 2012

Manisha Delhi

Come on ...You already write so well...You will rock...I am sure :)

All the best !!!

12:51 PM Mar 01 2012



Thank you so much! Laughing

09:46 AM Mar 01 2012


El Salvador


03:13 PM Feb 29 2012



Patts, hELLO, Your writing and grammar  are excellent, this means that you have a good command of the English language. I thing that what stops us from speaking  in another language is that we are afraid to make mistakes, mistakes will come, but with practice you will be amazed  how fast  you are improving , is like learning  to drive, at first the driver  feels insecure  but after a time  ,not only drives the car  in a congested street, talks on the cell phone ,listen to the radio  ,all at the same time.Wink  

12:46 PM Feb 29 2012


There's nothing strange if you talk slowly and with hesitation, you have to speak constantly for some days to even reach the half of your writing skill in speaking.

Pani widocznie ma wielką wytrwałość..życzę szczęście na lekcję  ;)