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April 9, 2009

Well one of the past days I had to do a IT in powerpoint school work, so since it was a free work I decide to do 1 about racism.

Some ppl say that we live in a free world but we really live? How can we live in a free world if we r judged for the color of our skin, or religion and so on...

maybe one day we can put our differences aside and live in peaceful world where ppl r equal no matter our differences so just when that time arrieve we really can say and believe that we live in a free world..

so tell me what u think about it...

well i can´t post my video here so i put in my profile dont forget to check that and tell me what u think bout the video too and sorry for the misspellings..

06:16 PM Apr 10 2009

da Michelin
Costa Rica

Racism is morally, socially, scientifically, and Biblically wrong. The more we realize that we are all of “one blood,” the more peace, freedom, and opportunity  all over the world—will have. The only true, lasting change will come, however, when citizens recognize their sinful condition, and then if they recieve Jesus Christ as their  savior and creator, not only will they live with Christ in eternity, but will have access to God's strength to lead better lives here on earth. They will also discover the principles of leading a fruitful and purposeful life—including loving their neighbor—as the Bible commands. The Word is relevant to us today in this area! 

Sometimes when I read about a robbery and they give the description and he happens to be black, I can’t help but first think pretty general and cynical about it. Of course I do this for all kinds of things but this one stands out for some reason. In the back of my mind I think ‘hey what do you know, he was black’. After awhile I think the right way, but I don’t do it at all for whites. I don’t mean to sometimes do it for one type of people and not another. I think it’s a habit and I think some of it’s from how I look at people when they look different than me. I don’t mean to differentiate sometimes, sometimes I don’t even think of my friends as being black. It’s just a first thought. I’m friends with the black kid in one of my classes and he’s from New York. He said he was basically scared to go into Alabama because he thinks they’re mostly racists. Is his ignorance different than a racist’s? 

Our opinions are not always taught. When we notice differences in people, you start to gain your idea of that person or people depending on what the difference is. I think all racism is a lack of perception or first view generalizations based on what people think of when they see differences. They are like our taste buds, they develop based on what we learn tastes good. We can be taught what we should and shouldn’t eat, but usually it’s self-development. So when something bother’s people, they take it out on whatever seems like it’d work (and we do this with all kinds of other things). When I look at the world today, I think racism has decreased a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever met a true racist, just people who don’t like specific people in one race and don’t think about the other races because of the differences. I think most people are realizing as they see different people that the race as a whole isn’t all the same.

Racism in older people is caused by ignorance, and in younger people, it's because that's what they've been taught. However, once they are old enough to understand, and are still stuffed with racism, then they are ignorant, too. And so on and on. Think of race as only being one kind, (the human race), and you'll be okay. 

04:55 PM Apr 09 2009



hey bro thkx for ur comment...

I definately agree with u.. we r all equal and we should be treat like that..

It´s remarkable that things like what u pass still happen in this days, well I think it´s time to ppl start to change..

PS: did u saw my school work(video)? what did u think?

04:34 PM Apr 09 2009


United States

well to start with .....GOD made us equal and to tell you the truth i have lived with,stayed with and even travelled with peoples from all sorts of life

i have stayed with Asians,Eastern European,Africans,Middle Eastern and Native peoples

i ain't racist because i come from an inter-racial family my dad is African American and my mom is white so i don't see the big deal about color its just that some other people have a weird @ss mentallity

and hey i HAVE BEEN RACIALLY HARASSED AT AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT somewhere  but i wont say where because am BLACK and i was LIKE WTF~~

good blog lil sister