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Russian Federation

November 21, 2009

I wrote this poem about one month ago. It was my first poem in English. One English actor inspired me to write it.Алан Рикман

An actor. 

An Actor - the name of the man who is playing.
Sometimes he is running, sometimes he is staying.

He gave everything of himself to the people.
And always in return to him only a little.

He shines at the sky like the moon for the stars
I wanna to give him a little advice:

He must not decide he is brighter than they
That's only one thing that I wanted to say.

I need your comments.Thanks for attention!=)

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10:17 AM Nov 21 2009



Who are thee to judge my capability!?

In Dark Arts' defense I have a considerable legacy

And since now you've earned the death penalty,

An Avada Kedavra's sure to bring you to your knees!! :)