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skadys Wisdom

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November 17, 2010

i dunno know why i'm writting this (lol no i know why -cuz it's important) in japan people say "まけない"i seen this song in a anime may you know it cause it was popular :D sailor moon - in the name of the name i will punnisch you !!! nice name you can learn such important things for your life ... like that friends are allways together stronger :D remember sailor moon,mercury,mars,jupiter,venus ... strong together ^-^ and that love isn't allways love, you may know false love >< if you asked me what is my hero ? i would answer : its sailor moon with the other senshins :)

まけない = never give up ... so please never give up, try it again but not allone with your friends togther ( so you will win )



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04:42 AM Nov 19 2010


i don't understand what you mean but ok haha

03:48 AM Nov 19 2010


come on baby..

you will ok tomorrow

10:39 AM Nov 17 2010


yap hehe Coraline is right again (L) love ya ... xoxoxo kisses :D

10:08 AM Nov 17 2010


Right sissy ^_^

But remember when u fall, there're still people who can give their hands to lift you up!! 

That's what make our world SUPER .. The power of LOVE & FRIENDSHIP =]]

09:24 AM Nov 17 2010


yes true i agree :) this picture is from the real life series of sailor moon *__* :) ... called PGSM it's good but anime is better

08:26 AM Nov 17 2010


Viet Nam

when i was young, I like watching sailor moon. Right ! Never give up :)