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Lovely whispers



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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September 21, 2007

She was always afraid of staying in this cage. The cage was dark and cold. She always wanted to get out of it and run to a far far place…

She tried so hard on and on, all along the days and nights, to escape, and one day she did it. She unlocked the gate of the dreadful cage. And suddenly every thing was vanished way. All of that coldness and darkness….and even the cage itself…

Now she could see new people and communicate with them. She could even fall in love with nice handsome guys! Every thing seemed to be good at first, but it didn’t take long for her to get more scared from this so called nice people!

They betrayed her…they annoyed her… They broke her heart…they tortured her emotions…no…it didn’t seem to be good any more! She was racked with despair…now she wanted to flee from all of them…

Once she was so keen to run away from her cage of loneliness and eventually she did it, but now she regrets it. Now being all alone even looked so much better to her….better than living with a bunch of people who knew nothing about her and only wanted to get a benefit from her.

Those days she was all alone with her self, and now she’s all alone living among these people! When she was all alone with her self there was no one to harm her, but what about now?!

Which one looks better?! Not a much hard decision to make!

07:46 AM Sep 21 2007



being alone is safe, but boring.

being among the people, sometime you are betrayed, but sometime you are really helped.

That is the life, there may be hard time, but there also be the good time, that is the spice of the life.(^-^)


August 26, 2007

The tears rushed from her eyes. As one tear dropped, another one hurried out. And it was happening unconscious as she was wandering in the bottom of the sweet memories, in the very park they used to walk holding each other’s hands so much tight…so much tight as everything would disappear, if they let go of it.

Although she thought about when and where and why they lost each other, it was a waste of time. Every thing in the past was dull and dim. May be they really never did stick together.

As she was walking, she found her self next to the bench they used to sit on. May be it was casual and may be even her legs didn’t wanted to believe such a thing.

Her tears dropped one by one on the snow-covered path. It was a really cold day. To me she was just like a very beautiful and precious flower who just didn’t know, winter isn’t the right time to be born. Imagine a very beautiful flower covered with frost, shivering in the snow. She was just like that. But she was Freezing from the very inside part. It was her heart...

“ I’m sure we’ll make it, honey… Just me and you… Come on you got to believe me! We will be the most happiest couple in the whole world and we can celebrate our joy and happiness every night with the moon and stars. You trust me,don’t you?! I promise you in the name of Love. I promise you to …I promise you to…”

She didn’t have a good enough family to care about her or to treat her right, but what about now? She was out of the frying pan into the fire! Now she was homeless and worse than that hopeless and worst of all broken hearted. It was a mistake from the very first day it started, but what’s the use of crying over spilt milk?!

“ I’ll save you from this hell. We can simply run away and then I’ll let nobody to hurt you any more. “ He was right, now no body could hurt her any more because she had no senses left. At least he didn’t lie in this case.

Every thing seemed to be great for a week after she left the house, but one day… One day she decided to surprise him, so she bought a bunch of flowers and set out to his workshop. She did not say a word after seeing him while he was holding the girl and kissing her. But her heart screamed and sobbed and all over her body was wrapped with icicles. And suddenly all the flowers in her hand withered...

02:35 PM Sep 01 2007


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi, shimanaz

It was sad dear. In fact it made me sad.

You write in a perfect way dear but, could i ask you to write allite hopefull. anyway i really enjoy reading your nice writings.

thanks alot.

August 18, 2007

Wow! I suppose this little tanned girl, has the most beautiful eyes in the whole world.

she gazed at me, with those eyes, shining like two bright stars in her dark face. NO...NO...not shining...may be twinkling...because it seemed like it was coming from a very far distant.

And she was talking with me...not really talking...may be whispering, with a soft clear voice. I couldn't understand what she was saying, but even those absurd words made me feel so calm, like I have never felt before. Yes, she was talking with me without moving her lips. it was her eyes...her beautiful luminous eyes...

I wished everything in the world could suddenly stop, and I could stare at those eyes for ever. May be its true, gorgeous moments don't last much in reality. But you can never forget such moments, it's impossible. Those eyes...

I can never get them out of my mind, always there gazing at me...I can't remember the girl at all. To me that girl's existence was the eyes...days after days passed and I was still obsessed with those eyes.

time is a very complicated thing, I really don't know how long I was looking at those eyes, may be for 3 or 4 seconds, may be for ages...

but at last the traffic light turned green and the cars stormed .I loosed the contact...those eyes were lost...that little girl with all those red roses in her hand, standing so much still at the side of the street...so still as she was a very part of the street...not rushing and complaining like others...just standing still...and she was looking at me with those eyes…she was lost!

I immediately asked the driver to stop at once. pulling over, he was nagging" you may cost me a ticket fine". Anyway I got off the car after paying that old man. running towards the very place I saw her...

neither was she there, nor the eyes...may be it was lost in the crowd...lost in all that smoke and annoying horns noise...or may be those eyes never did exist at all...may be all of this was my own imagination...

as I turned to walk away, I was totally shocked. On the curb, there was a bunch of red roses...

01:31 PM Sep 01 2007


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

You are very emotional girl . . . I love your emotion .

01:27 PM Sep 01 2007

sweet daffodil
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

That`s very Great . You are very emotional girl .

03:38 PM Aug 25 2007


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi, dear Shimanaz

I've read the Whispering stars so many times. it was so beautiful dear and full of emotions.

congradulations, you wrote it very well.

I'm looking forward to reading you next one.