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Lovely whispers

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

September 21, 2007

She was always afraid of staying in this cage. The cage was dark and cold. She always wanted to get out of it and run to a far far place…

She tried so hard on and on, all along the days and nights, to escape, and one day she did it. She unlocked the gate of the dreadful cage. And suddenly every thing was vanished way. All of that coldness and darkness….and even the cage itself…

Now she could see new people and communicate with them. She could even fall in love with nice handsome guys! Every thing seemed to be good at first, but it didn’t take long for her to get more scared from this so called nice people!

They betrayed her…they annoyed her… They broke her heart…they tortured her emotions…no…it didn’t seem to be good any more! She was racked with despair…now she wanted to flee from all of them…

Once she was so keen to run away from her cage of loneliness and eventually she did it, but now she regrets it. Now being all alone even looked so much better to her….better than living with a bunch of people who knew nothing about her and only wanted to get a benefit from her.

Those days she was all alone with her self, and now she’s all alone living among these people! When she was all alone with her self there was no one to harm her, but what about now?!

Which one looks better?! Not a much hard decision to make!

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07:46 AM Sep 21 2007



being alone is safe, but boring.

being among the people, sometime you are betrayed, but sometime you are really helped.

That is the life, there may be hard time, but there also be the good time, that is the spice of the life.(^-^)