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Lovely whispers



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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August 16, 2007

I want to tell you a little piece of story. May be it just looks like all other ones, but to me it means a lot! Actually I am not a good storyteller, but I'll try my best.

Once upon a time there was a shooting star living in a far far away galaxy. She was the only one living around...But she got used to it.

Until one night, something strange happened to her, which really changed her life.

Before seeing such a lovely light, she was simply fed up! But suddenly everything turned to be meaningful.

It was so bright that she couldn't stare at it, but when her eyes met it she felt numb all over her body.

May be it was just an illusion, but it worth trying once! It was then that She decided to start her journey. It took a long time to get close...

Every body is scared on the earth because there's a shooting star reaching the earth. The astronomers say its a big one and it'll hit the earth...

She's excited to death! She's almost there! What a lovely shining brightness it has! But it's getting hot. It seems unnatural, but she doesn't really care and keeps on going.

MR A: " Look! oh my god! It’s not coming this way, it changed it's direction."

MR B:" But it's impossible! As we calculated, it would come straight over here!"

MR A: " Well you have to be happy! Our earth has survived! Our big friend is going to have a little visit with the Sun! pity it!"

But I don't think so...She was happy with all the parts of her body, it was there. Now she could see it clearly. It was extra hot and she was burning, but she didn't care or maybe even didn't felt it...

02:52 PM Aug 16 2007

sweet daffodil
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi there,i wish i was the shooting star! ;-)