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September 5, 2008

  1. Face it, bad moments will be a huge part of your life, they will be a lot. But, it's your choice if you want to waste all of that time being sad.
  2. Past is past, future doesn's exist. Just live your present with joy and doing the right things, and I swear that you will like the footprints you left behind and the road you will walk on tomorrow.
  3. Family always goes first, over everything. They are the only persons who, even being bothered by your defects, love you as nobody else know how to.
  4. Everytime you have something nice to say to somebody who is important to you, say it. Don't wait until being infront of his/her grave to do it, he/she won't can neither hear you nor feel happy.
  5. Any time you feel like everything is going wrong, eventhough you are doing everything rightly, don't feel desperate. The day when you get 1000 times more than what you were expecting you'll realize that all of that was necesary.
  6. If you have only bad things to say about somebody, be nice to that person by just keeping quiet.
  7. Smile, laugh as much as you can, and if you think you have no reason to do it, think of the way you feel while you smile or laugh, and that will be a good enough reason.
  8. The knowledge makes the human being free from the ignorance's chains. Ignorance is the same as living in the darkness, learn something new everyday and you'll see, your world will be clearer as days go by.
  9. Ignore envious people. Their lives are so "gray" that they need to steal some color from others' lives.
  10. Your smile and good treatment are like a flame, offer them to everybody who approaches your life. Those who want to hurt you will be burned, but you will light the lives of those who friendly came over.
  11. If we all really decided to help everybody around us, you wouldn't have to take care of yourself, because the hundreds of people thinking the same as you would be doing it for you.
  12. If you get something different from what you want, then you have no idea about what you really need. God knows it, and that's exactly what he lets you get.

09:11 PM Jul 11 2009



Thanks for sharing your wonderful thought. God bless you.

08:17 PM Sep 22 2008



Very good thoughts Manny! :)

I totally agree with everything you wrote here!

the first one.. you are sooo right! sometimes bad things happen in our lifes or we have some bad moments.. but I think things like that always happen for some reason and we just have to try to see the good side (I know sometimes it's hard), cause you can always learn something from these moments.

Number 3... that is soooooo true!

Number 4.. you said it perfectly! Everybody should do that.. even because it feels soooo good when you tell nice things and what you feel to people who are important to you.. a single nice word can make a person's day better! And also feels really good when you hear those things ;)

Number 5, you are totally right! I know that for my own life experience.. and I learnt that crying for what didn't go the way you were expecting doesn't make things get better.. you have to move on and keep doing things rightly.. the reward will come.

Number 6 also soo right! why are you going to waste your time telling bad things about other people? Doing that is not going to make you a better person.. telling someone is ugly is not going to make you prettier, calling somebody fat is not going to make you thinner.. or smarter or anything! 

I like number 8 too.. knowledge can take you where you never thought you could get!

Number 10.. treating people in a good way doesn't make only they to feel happy.. it also brings such a good feeling for you.. I think it's sooo good to make a person happy :D


sorry about the newspaper hahaha lol

it's ok if you don't read the whole thing heheh..


really Manny.. everything you wrote here is awesome!!!

and soo deep.. these could become a good book: "Some rules to make your life better" lol

you should think about it hehehehehe ;)







11:05 AM Sep 12 2008


United Arab Emirates

Manuelllll… woww. That was absolutely right, and completely amazing… I really admire what you wrote in here,, every word is in its right place.. They were all very good but I like the forth one most,,, you are right,,, if you have something good to say to someone who is close to you, no need to wait,, it is better to say it before it is too late….. hehe manuel,, I didn’t know that you are talented in writing :D… I thought you are only good at fotoshop XD…. it seems like I discover something new about you to respect day by day =)

09:17 AM Sep 05 2008


Saudi Arabia

Wow manuel ! that is awesome !

I agree with every single words u wrote !

 and True if u have something bad u want to say to someboy keep quiet it's better .. I agree .. that what I'm doing ..

Another things wanted to say

U can't change the past , but u still have the future make it as u wish and learn from the past .

And also remember , Life is just once live it to the fulliest

and Also don't forget .. there is millions of beautiful women but there is one Traneem LOl ( I know this is the wrong place for this )

I mean never regret if people acted foolish and value urself don't feel down because of some situations


Dear brother .. keep ur wisdom up dear .. we need such a wise lessons to start again