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March 29, 2009

Love Song
The time is lake,a blob of the tear be locked
The billet-doux is molder no longer,The flood become sandglass
the upriver prime,the cloud fly away,and the long fish have existed
the thrill through thinking will flow as the water
the Fortune's wheel as humor,make the lover be dumbness
the whole big universe become a small red bean
the memory is as animal which like sleep,long time be lonly and become blandness
open the fist,you will become free
the slow action will become more and more slow
and crush the "dissepiment" ,will set in the time field
we are at a vocal concert which be leave-taking,said it that see ourself together
you have wrote a song which is my frist song for me
our hand is together,and make the wondeful music
but and then?
but i have gave a love song
then cry gently and smile gently,it is exchange
our day will be everlasting

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