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March 22, 2008

toefl ready
be well-prepared for = be ready for
lose sleep over
on your mind
fills her in
in months
I haven’t heard from him in months
stress out
a bunch of
maximum amount of time
hit pause
lay back
go through the motions
kinda, kind of, type of, sort of
merry, happy, fun, joyful, delightful, festive
aka = also known as
nasty, gross, disgusting
freaks me out
dude = used to address a male friend.
had a new baby = gave birth to
run = release mucus
groove = nice rhythm; underlying part of music
works out = gives muscles good movement to keep fit
came out = was started
tend to be = usually are (/is/am); often are (/is/am)
pick-up joint = a place to meet single men or women

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