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my words in the rhyme

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United States

September 12, 2008

People listen pay attention, click on blog and read my word,
Especially pay attention girls from all over the world.
I'm Ulugbek, cool Uzbek and self confident, I'm bold,
I got athletic body, not shy I'm 18 years old.
I've appeared  bout 4 months ago here, I'm staying still,
Cuz I strongly wanna improve my English, my writing skill.
Plus I wanna make plenty friends who is like me kind of ill,
Believe me girls I'm somebody, who can your desire to feel.
During this time I have made cool, foreign friends in large ammont,
If you ain't trust check profile, bet you'll be tired if you count.
If you'd like to be my friend, I'm so glad "come on, don't stay out"
Just add me if you are not shy, and never lie cuz they well sound.
I'm into improving, my English is moving thanks Ebaby,
Because of you I got contact with the foreign sexy lady.
She is sexy, beautiful, honest I'm crazy cuz she made me,
Evaluate me rhyme people, where are Chamillion and Shady?
Reading my rhyme you feel my style let's know much better each other,
If you are able to appreciate real friendship, then we are brothers.
When sexy girl shows her best thing, I ask "can you show another?"
Maybe we fall in love, and we'll be eager to meet each other.
To let you know me, I wrote it in kind of song, I love Hip Hop,
I love to watch lady so much shaking ass bendy stood up.
People who get whole pleasure reading my blog, I say wossup?
Who don't like me and my words, I say "kiss my back then shut up!"
I carefully chose words but hate when somebody sticks his nose,
 I tried to depict in it my character, you see it shows.
Sweetie, mail me if you need me, hurry up time quickly goes,
Maybe one day in the future I'll meet you baby who knows.


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View all entries from my words in the rhyme >

10:36 AM Oct 18 2008


United States

Cool stuff!!! i like that! You da man bro)))

06:59 AM Sep 21 2008



yo man I have read your rhyme. What I can say is you are cool. Your first language is Uzbek, but you did it in English, and I think it is serious thing. Keep going maybe in the future we will listen your songs feating with Chamillionaire, pease!!!!!!