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the Weather of my soul

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Russian Federation

May 16, 2007

Yesterday I communicated with a native speaker. His name is Tony. He is a former priest.  We were talking for 2 hours, and I asked him a lot of questions about England and live in England. I got a bit information about English people.

I've known that English has a plenty of dialects. But, nevertheless, they move house about 15 times in whole life. I think that English dialect have to mix up and will be only one English.

Could you answer to this question?

By the way, in Russia, which is much bigger England, isn't a number of dialects. From Kaliningard to Vladivostok. Yes, we have some accent, but no more. I've communicated with people from Vladimir, Nigniy Novgorod, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Moscow and all of them speak in Russian with slightly accent.

Also, Tony said, that English people were very sociable, but I've sent loads of message to native speaker and no one answer me. :(


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