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the Weather of my soul

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Russian Federation

June 21, 2007

Recently, My friends and I had a holiday in country side.  We eaten shashliks and drank mineral water and beers. Actually, I didn't drink, because I was a driver then. After some time some people appeared close to us.  They also eaten shaslik and drank beer.

Close by afternoon they and we began prepare to go home. We collected our garbage to packets and put it into
boot. However,  our neighbours decided to get rid of  garbage just threw out it in bushes.

It made me angry and I said that they hadn't been right and they could take their  garbage with themself. One of  them said 'Ok. That's right', but other didn't. He asked me to show how put we our garbage into boot. I said him that he could see it after 15 minutes, when we'd finished. But went on the quarrel. Who knows what could he do. We were ready to fight with him, but his elder friend calmed down him.

Everything turned out alright.

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