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the Weather of my soul

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Russian Federation

August 14, 2007

Today I've been found by Nike in the Internet, my friend in the past. She's very nice, social, beautiful lady. Once I tried to have a date with her. But she said 'No' and we kept  just friend. I remeber that day. 

We met in the underground  , then walked to a service cenetre, in order to repair her pager.  While we was walking, I was talking about my heart. I talked her, that  she was very, very nice and suggested her have a date.... She had been thinking a lot, but she answered 'No'. I was so disappointed... It was a bad day....

Today....I'm already married. I have nice, loved wife and I've never remembered about Nike.... up to now. Today I've felt the same feeling...

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07:56 PM Aug 15 2007



    In fact ,this is my third time come here.

    I want to say something for you,but i don't know say what.

    take care!