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the Weather of my soul

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Russian Federation

August 16, 2007

This day I have two event. The first one is about how we burnt a chip, the second story is about evening swimming.

 Today my chief and I have made an experiment with 70V. We turned on chip and measured voltage. The voltmeter showed 56V. It is OK for us. But we decided to solder thermistor. We did it. Then we turned on th chip again and measured voltage. There was 106V there!!! After several seconds there was 0V... Oops


This evening my friend, my wife and I went to the lake to  swim. It was so exciting, because the last days the temperature was about 30C. Of course, we had bought food in advance: chicken, gas water and bread. When we got there the time was about 9 pm and we looked sunset. It was so beautiful (see the photo). The water was very warm. We came back home about 11 pm. We were tired, but very glad this evening.



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