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Dear Diary,something good happened today...

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Viet Nam

August 17, 2008

Hello my friends!

I wrote a poem for my best friend.One day I wake up and suddenly I think about her, think about a poem.


My best friend, she is  so sweet and beautiful.She is the only one I want to be best friend with.Anywhere and anytime when I need a shoulder, she will be there,stay by my side...I know she always will. I'm so proud of her and I'm so happy when I have a best friend like her. Maybe I'm a happiest person because she loves me like the way I do.

I want to say with her "We are best friends forever" so I wrote this poem.When she reads it she told me "I'm so happy.I'm crying".Haha I don't know why she cried because this poem is not so good I think. Yes I'm not a good poet and this is my first time I'm write a poem but I'm truly when I write it.


My dear,BFF
You are the best
When I need your hand
You're my best friend.

Your beautiful eyes
Like sunshine in the sky
And when I cry
You'll tell me "It's fine."

We are friends
We're together forever
I know we will
Because BFF
That means Best friend forever

And You're my BFF.


If she can read this entry I think she could say just 1 thing "I love you too" haha because she is not good at English much.

I believe that we will be best friends forever.Do you believe? 

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View all entries from Dear Diary,something good happened today... >

04:03 AM Apr 15 2009



a fantastic poem!! You are so clever a girl that you

have wrote a beautiful poem in rhymes.:) Wish you can write more interesting and fining poem in the future, you are doing so well!!

12:51 PM Oct 20 2008

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi how are you

07:51 AM Aug 17 2008


Viet Nam

Yes she is so lovely.

06:41 AM Aug 17 2008

Tommy Stelar
Viet Nam

Ah, lovely girl!

An one day you'll be a poetry, i think!