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Dear Diary,something good happened today...

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Viet Nam

August 26, 2008

You would never find this entry to read, to understand what I am feeling now.Not only this entry, I wrote so many entries about you, just for you.

You are one of the reasons I go to school for.My happiness is seeing you everyday.I can look at you in so many hours.Because your eyes like the sunshine and your smile is beautiful,more than the rainbow.

Every night when I can't sleep,I think about you.I imagine me and you, someday in the future.

But you know what? It's just my dream. I can't say any words when you talk to me. I don't know what to say.All the things I can say is so stupid...What should I do? Should I let you know that I like you? Should I let you know what I'm thinking and feeling? Should I...?

I don't know.Maybe someday I will do it.But it's the last day, I will tell you all the things I need to say in the last time I can see you. Wait for me.Can you promise? 



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View all entries from Dear Diary,something good happened today... >

01:00 AM Sep 30 2008



oh..it is so nice..really..youy ahve a golden hearth..i think you should talk to him..maybe he will say that he also likes you,maybe not..beu you need to be sure..now  you don't know how he feels..and this makes you feel sorry..try it..and see what will happen...:)see ya