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Bag fish

Echo Wang

Echo Wang


March 23, 2011

why those countries could invade the other small countries and killed the people there with weapon and your ugly stupid thoughts?

They think they are police to defend humanity, but all are bullshit!  what you could explain  for those innocent people killed by you and the miserable life you have brought to them?!!!!!

Stupid people, we know, you are not defending humanity, you abuse it and you, just want to start the war for the resource.

When there is a civil war in your countries, you think it's good when ppl from other countries shot your ppl to death to save your countries? When your ppl's blood red all the ground, you think you should congratulation for the finally "peace".

Those who kill other ppl for his own selfish needed should go to the hell.

December 2, 2008

When you meet one who is pitiful what we gona do? Give him money or food. Yes we can, but for a couple of days he is full and warm, days later he will be the same likes a beggar. 
When the old woman came again,  she tells me with her accent that she lived in a province that is thousands KM away from here, she was chucked out by her daughter-in-low. She has no money, and her son and his wife didn't care about her life. 
The tear in her eyes reflect the light of the city. She may be a fraud, but her wrinkled face remind me of my never meet grandmother. I run to my house as fast as I can, and take half of my money to her.
"Do go home, not beg again. " 
I can only do this, give her some money. I myself am a drifter.  
I write down all the words today, just to express my feeling and tell the truth of the other side of the world. It's true.
They are all human being, they are all parents, only they grow old, and are forlorn.  

November 3, 2008

I feel dizzy till yesterday. I think I've got a cold. That's bad!!

Winter is coming while fall is still lingering about the city, hoping to blow more leaves down from the evergreen trees. The rain is coming; we have put more cloth on.

Kevin said he's hoping to be here with me so he can take care of me, go shopping and bank with me.  I don't know when we will be together but all is my choice. That's my life I have chosen, I can't blame others.

I have to finish three books before next April. That means I have to go to sleep late for another five months, talking with William Shakespeare, walking with Emily Dickinson... Oh my goodness! I am not the young girl at school.

The weather report says the rain will last for a few days. I think winter is really around here...