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Bag fish

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Echo Wang

Echo Wang


July 16, 2007

        Life is IMAGINABLE, so just imagine 
     you life, feel free to write about it, in
   a new way... 

How about lifelong learning? Learning is never too early
     or too late! Not tomorrow, not next month, not next
         year, just now! Let's begin. 

 The great thing in this life is not so much where we
         are standing as in what direction we are moving... 
Are you the one, who leads me to the sun? Who 
      lives through a rough lift and still hands my hands... 

           Have you heard the laughing of flower?

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11:24 PM Jul 19 2007




what are you saying so

thi life is real

the life is temporarly and short

dont think a lot about life

live today

life is good