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March 12, 2008


A: a young beggar with a bowl

B: an old man

B: Young man, you look like a college student. Why do you beg in street?

A: You are right. I just graduated from university.

B: You must be an artist! You are a behaviorist, right?

A: No, I have no way to go. This is how I make a living.

B: Is it difficult for you to find a job?

A: Not really difficult. But I am not satisfied with the salary. I found that I could make more money by begging in street.

B: How ridiculous! How much can you make every month?

A: It is a business secret. I am afraid you should buy it.

B: Ok. Look, this is 5 yuan. Tell me your business secret.

A: Nowadays a college student can get 1200 yuan every month after their graduation. But if they beg in street, they can get at least 3000 yuan every month.

B: If I were you, I would go to work. You can get more experience from your work and get promoted step by step. What can you get by standing in street every day except 3000 yuan? You will be discarded by your time quickly.

A: I have my own ambition. I read books while I do begging. I plan to get a master degree in 3 years.

B: That is great. Look, here is another 5 yuan for your ambition.

A: Thanks.

B: What will you do if you get the master degree?

A: I will study abroad and try to get a doctor degree.

B: Really? You make me surprised again. Look, here is 100 yuan for your courage. Which country do you prefer?

A: U.S.A

B: I believe you can get a doctor degree there. After you get the doctor degree, please come back to your motherland. We need high quality man like you.

A: No. I am afraid I can’t.

B: Why?

A: I want to beg dollars in U.S.A

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01:02 AM Mar 12 2008

Brian USA

Brian USA
United States

The begging in streets is a great idea..  3000 a month seems underestimated..  I visualize alot more than that for an ambitious beggar.  I have seen beggars in Guiyang with baskets full of 1 yuans or more..  If you mom and dad are nice they may cut off your foot or something so you can get more money..    NO reason to go to work...  the TAX alone will destroy your savings.  There are no age restrictions on begging and you can pick your own hours..   BEGGING is KING