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United States

May 20, 2008

     More than 40000 people have confirmed died and many are still buried or missing in the earthquake In Wenchuan, Sichuan Province in China......


    Last night, hundreds of students gathered by the lake in my university. They lighted many many candles for lighting the way to the heaven for people who died in the earthquake. It was dark then and the light of the candles stand up against the dark sky. When I saw these, I was moved to tears. I felt the love and strength of our Chinese, My brothers and sisters. I felt a great nation,a great race .I was moved by the patriotism.  there are patriotic songs or poems or something else .But sometimes they are so abstract that i don't feel them any more. But this time. Wow, I really feel the greatness of our people.


    There are poverty, out-of-school, unfairness, despoilment, there is pain in this world and this is the true life. What we can do, in my opinion, is helping each other. We are humans, we all live in a same planet, we all have one mother nation. So we are brothers ans sisters. No matter white man, black man or the yellow race. We are all equal. We are in a same big family which called----earth.



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