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November 1, 2009


i remember the days of my high school...

that is exhausted,miserable(maybe but this became the most wonderful memory in my life).doin the same homework day by day..

we have to wake up at 6:00am..then go to the hall to have breakfast...

many students just skipped this time and precious every moment in the morning.

Cannot believe that! We got 5classes in the morning.each 45mins. and between them there were several internal break. each break is abt 10 mins..Just the time to go pee -pee  or poo- poo   LOL  =]

then study to 12:00pm. we RUSHED to have lunch...U know. China got a large population  ,the same way as school..in my grade there're 20 classes.each class have abt 50 students.  and high school in China divided in to 3 grades.  that mean,we had to run before the left thousands of people so that we can make sure of our time..

then we wake up in 1:45pm. after a noon snap(many foreigners might not understand that,but we used too much energy in the morning,that is a gurantee of the afternoon classes'quality) then classes classes classes and so ,classes till 5:00 pm.. dinner,shower,then back to the classrome at 7:00pm. pretty wild HUH?

then.we will also have 3 classed till 9:30pm.and then self study in the classrooms for an hour(not rest time,coz we have teacher outside,we are all under the surveillance!)..........catching abt 6hrs' Zs...back to the same schedule i mentioned above...

OH, btw...we have 6study days in a week ,that mean we have only one day to take a rest.But most of the parents chose to invite a tutor and help the student with lesson. so that means:we study all the years in senior 3, just for on test:The College Enterance Examination....

But i have to say,i think that become the most wonderful memory in my life,so do all my classmates now in the college.

So wht abt urs .?Can u share some to me?=]

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