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April 9, 2007

Name            Eakkasit Wong-manee –cho-chot

Nickname      Eak

Birth day       6 June 1980 (Thursday, 2523)

Telephone     Mobile 081-442-8660

                    Home 02-233-0954 / 02-634-737

                    Chathaburi 036-311-933

Email             Eakkasit@hotmail.com



Name           Chanittra Phattrakulporn

Nick name     Pu

Telephone    Mobile 086-788-8543 PCT

                   Home 02-899-6163

Email           mali-lala@hotmail.com


Name           Pod

Birth day      2 November 1982 (Thursday, 2525)

Email           kalix1982@hotmail.com


Name          Robert (Natherland)

Birth day     12 December 1966 (2509)

Email          robin@vancaspel.nl

                  Skypename Robin


Name         Rolena (Spain)

Email         conectingpeople_gr8@hotmail.com


Name        Ryan (Philippines)

                Skypename  letstalkwith_ryan 


Name      Fahad Mohammed  (Suadi Arabia)

Email      alblharith@hotmail.com


              Skypename alblharith

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View all entries from Zeatzas >