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April 16, 2007

Yes, I got back from Sri ra cha yesterday. I went cleared and relieved mind during 3 day on 13-15 of May. What I was done on those day. 

Yes, I was made merit ,meditation and devoted the good things to my dead relatives, donated some foods, some water, some money offered to the eight Buddhist monks. During I spent in the temple. I’ve prayed respected to the Buddha. I’ve a wish to the Buddha; I want to be a cleaver girl and success to every thing such as to have a perfect family, success for work and etc.  

I went there with my fellow worker, she’s Christianity but she would  like to know and learn of the teaching of Buddha. She likes to do meditation very much and she thought to devoted to some her dead relatives can brought happiness to them. I also thought as her. 

During the Songkarn’s day, I wasn’t celebrated same as almost of Thai people that like to splashed some water to each other but I determined went to the temple wasn’t contacted to my parents, friends and everyone, stayed in the peaceful place untill time up.

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View all entries from Zeatzas >