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April 9, 2007

Name            Eakkasit Wong-manee –cho-chot

Nickname      Eak

Birth day       6 June 1980 (Thursday, 2523)

Telephone     Mobile 081-442-8660

                    Home 02-233-0954 / 02-634-737

                    Chathaburi 036-311-933

Email             Eakkasit@hotmail.com



Name           Chanittra Phattrakulporn

Nick name     Pu

Telephone    Mobile 086-788-8543 PCT

                   Home 02-899-6163

Email           mali-lala@hotmail.com


Name           Pod

Birth day      2 November 1982 (Thursday, 2525)

Email           kalix1982@hotmail.com


Name          Robert (Natherland)

Birth day     12 December 1966 (2509)

Email          robin@vancaspel.nl

                  Skypename Robin


Name         Rolena (Spain)

Email         conectingpeople_gr8@hotmail.com


Name        Ryan (Philippines)

                Skypename  letstalkwith_ryan 


Name      Fahad Mohammed  (Suadi Arabia)

Email      alblharith@hotmail.com


              Skypename alblharith

April 9, 2007

On those day, I was at home, I washed my cloths, cleaned my home, cook the vegetarian foods. It’s a long times to began to ate the vegetarian foods why I like to eating the vegetarian food because It’s very easily to do and good for health so can keep me young. (hehe!!)

I’m not the vegetarian deeply and still eating some fishes one a week. At noon, I took my pets to take a bath. I think. They were enjoy in a mini pond and then prepared the time to cook for lunch.

In the evening, I went to the Central department store to shopping with my mother and found some vegetarian foods to eat for dinner. We were 6 hrs. in there then we went back and got our home at 7 pm.  


Cool(to remind what I do only)Embarassed


April 8, 2007


I love this song but it's a Thai stuff song. I think, you can't understand and if you want to know what does a song means could ask me I'll translated to you :) 

song: Mai-Lub-Mai-None  (sleepless)