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April 8, 2007

Today do you do one's duty yet? and me I do something as duty to everyday althought it 's a little thing but so pround such as I do


- Smile to everyone as I've meet.

- Good speak to everyone.

- Not selfish


 its easy to do,isn't it?



April 8, 2007


I really fall in love Ganzt, It 's a stuff japan cartoon and if you want to know could click here


Embarassed then you'll fall in love its.

January 4, 2007

~~ love you all ! ~~

I'm just a girl who want to make a relationship with everyone who want to be my friend, if be you contact me :)

Aims of Aim

@ Make friends with who want to be my friend.

@ learning English by skype with who added my ID   (suttichana is my skypename)


About my workEmbarassed

I’ve interesting life. Every day, I work at the packaging company in the Asst.Qaulity Management representative. Surely, I work about the quality management system. I usually give some information about how to control the quality system has high efficiency to the customers. I sometimes help and to consulting for the several sections about quality too. My job is a routine, but it can excite. Several times a year. We have the importance customer come to visit my company such as the brand manger of famous product.  


Take care to everyone come to my blog.