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" My - different, dear, weird, crazy, lovely, scare, beautiful, not normal - Life "




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July 28, 2008

Well, after a perfect weekend, my week restarts very good - at work. Yeah, at this moment I'm at work, giving thanks to God that my boss isn't here!! Undecided

Calm down... Calm down... I know that everything will be fine!

My dear friend, Phelip, that I saw today said me that maybe he can give me another better job....

Wow... I'm waiting some things but, I believe that everything will be fine! Tongue out

Mmn... This last week was perfect because I got new friends... New american friends: Susan, Kevin, Michelle and Kathe. Laughing

They are good people from 1st baptist church... I met them in a  church's crusade...

See u*