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February 25, 2012

The modern small nation doesn't have the atomic bomb will practicality of listen to the United States of order, otherwise the United States at any time processing.See to an our country court also similar, past court of performance the member seek my time me to tell them 《your first essentials take a look the statement of verdict in the hand well, is BE not legal?Then come to performance!》.They saw statement of verdict an empress waste on carrying time say:《Legal still performance, illegal still performance.We want ~only see the last of verdict 》!...I remind them:《Send back the illegal case is you of responsibility, if still want to carry out this case!That I have no money 》!So waste along while then I come back.
Later the performance member changed, he seek my house.I notice I already angry the game of the court!Have good a fire extinguisher technique that the high pressure spray fog, can be long-distance to leave these insect sons of processing court.
The second day morning(2009 August around 20 days) I go to the court, manuscript and performance member in front say:《You have performance of right, I have a processing you the ability of this unit.You come to performance first, then I am to the processing 》...Then he write of notes top signature.Now two year they have never sought me...
Processing a family of ten come personal is 80 dollar small affair, but destroy by fire 4 court(county, region, high class and supreme court) in the meantime not easy.Because now I don't have 200 meters in each court neighborhood rent building, with install equip of 100,000 dollars.(Each ton gasoline 10000 dollars)I have a water which extinguish fire a technique, is an inside to spray a thing way realization with the high pressure, effect 1000%.(I want to be for the forest fire fight to use at that time)If inside of gasoline! But is the business that the petroleum car refit this weapon to be just more than 10 minutes