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August 16, 2009

although i have been learning english for such a long long time.

but i still make no progress in my english ability.


 i guess there is only a reason can explain it...

that is i am lack of practicing and be brave.

i know it's impossible to learn english well without hardworking.

but i am too lazy!!!

there are lots of good way to learning english around me.  

i just don't want to learn:( 

and i hate grammar...

i never touch it...

so i never unnderstand it...

now i think that grammar may be the second point of learning english.

because communicatation is the most important part.

if i readed and wrote english well.

but i can't speaking english and don't unsterstand what people talking about.

english is no use for me!!

it's just 26 words on the paper...

so if i don't be afraid of speaking english out loud.

i believe i will have nice chat with others.

and oneday will learning english very well! 

now just telling myself.

don't be afraid of making mistakes.

and be brave to have fun in the english world:)

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