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nothing is the same

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October 2, 2008


still I don´t understand what happened?

How was that my life changed. I don´t know who I am

I feel  thorns  runs for  my voice

I feel pins in my heart  for your good bye

Nothing is equal  the rain falls, among my thoughts

Nothing is equal , You are not here

nobody can´t understand that  sometimes I miss you.

I survive  in the  yesterday.I try to save me everyday, I can´t do it without you. I miss you so much, please!  

nothing is equal and The life happens and  I can´t do anything for stopping it.

You don´t have idea  how much I miss you.

please forgive me!

I made a lot of mistake, I´m not a perfect person but I continue learning.

I'm sorry that I hurt you

it's something I must live with everyday.



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10:34 PM Feb 22 2009




12:10 AM Dec 06 2008



ley me eyes so happy here

01:44 AM Oct 28 2008



Be remember! 

u are must believe in out there are someone or some people that care with u.

even when u feel alone u still have one that always with u. God! 

do u also still remember?

u are my friend! ;)

I'll give a little writing to u, that I have sent also to one of my friends. 

Go ahead honey _^

Just go ahead _^

Never look back!

cause tommorrow'll never die ^_

Yes honey!

Tommorrow will be brigher than today ^_


Be patient, when we must through the hardest time!

just pray...

n remember...

everything's gonna be ok... ^_ 



10:06 PM Oct 14 2008



Hello!! My name is Nabari. Nice to meet you. I would love to hear your story .

05:41 AM Oct 04 2008


Saudi Arabia

Hello my dear friend Life  sometimes is full of difficulties  so We must be stronger than those and Does not give up easily

I would love to hear your story you can send a complete to my mail if you like I am here to listen to you


05:22 AM Oct 04 2008



the things you said are perfect sis..but is everything ok..?are they your feelings..?

if so,please try to calm down..life goes on..and there are lots of things we will see..:D

it is not very enjoyable to see the same things everyday..think that way...you will have the chance to discover  the new world..

08:57 PM Oct 02 2008



Time is like a river. We can't touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.