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nothing is the same

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June 14, 2009

This blog is for all my friends on ebaby!!

I want to say them:

thanks for sharing with me time, comments and the most important part of his/her life.

I feel proud because God allowed me to find beautiful persons on ebaby.

at the beginning  ebaby was a internet page to improve my level of English but after this site  became in a place where I meet friends with a big hearth.


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10:34 AM Jul 29 2009


KissKissKiss x 1000 from one of your friends!!! Nice blog, Adri!!! Thanks for dedicating it to us - your friends!!! You've read my blog and you know right well how special friend you are and how much i love you, cos we shared our dreams, our worries, our troubles and almost everything. As you know those things can be shared only with close friends!!! Thats why i wanna remind you that you are really appreciated, loved and will be never forgotten!!!
LUV YA!!!Innocent