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xiaoyan liu


September 9, 2010

am 22..

am this kind of girl. i have soft mind . easy to be affected . so i always be easy to drop tears. even though just for a short part of movie or novel.

i like this kind of myself.. because i can feel my heart is wram. even if it has a little sad inside.

i am a student now. actually the last year student. cos i will graduate in 10 month

we are human beings .so we are easy effected by surroundings. such as friends. relationship.future.

i have to admit that the relationship of interpersonal is really difficult and shit.

sometimes when u give them a warm heart. later for a while .they can make this little warm heart to be cold and sad. so this little tiny breaken heart

i already used to this situation. i aried many times for this. fortunately i grow up

i came out from this terrible prison.

i have a wish i hope someone can really care for me and he can come here.

give me warm.Embarassed

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04:12 AM Sep 11 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi, diana. I am a sensitive girl , too. but I can not believe that interpersonal persons are cold and they don't fall in love .because I think that  I can trust and I love to trust  people that display their love by their treatment and being loyal and also supporting me.