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xiaoyan liu


September 11, 2010

 emunum is a singer in United States

i just know he is 38 . but he looks like 18 years old guy

normally no star can make me love

maybe this is not called love..

i read some information about him and i know his life.

i admire this kind of life. sure .his life was tragic when he was young.

he is so proud guy. he didnt have good feelings of this society..

but i think he is enough cool

i like his 2 songs called.. Love the way u lie


but as time goes by. i found he is not so great as i think of him

so simply i just like his song..not his in person...

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12:06 AM Sep 12 2010



I like Eminem too! :) And his new song with Rihanna is cool!

News for you :)

 At the launch for Eminem and Jay-Z’s joint stadium tour in Shady’s background at Comerica Park last week, hundreds of fans turned out in hopes of catching their favorite gal Rihanna take the stage with Em. Fans didn’t exactly go home with a frown on their face when Rihanna was a no-show -- Eminem’s high-powered performance hardly left time for fans to miss the Barbadian beauty. Besides, the next opportunity for the pairing could potentially go down a week later at the MTV VMAs, considering the Billboard champ has a must-see slot locked in, right? Well, not quite.

A betting man would suggest Eminem is guaranteed to put the show in high gear, and the mere thought of Rihanna making an appearance would only fan the flames even more. However, the singer is currently filming her first movie, "Battleship," in Hawaii, and sends her regards for missing out on the performance but promises a dominant return to the stage.

“I definitely wish I could be there for Eminem," Rihanna told "Entertainment Tonight." "He’s performing the song we did together. It would have been nice to do it. But he understands. And obviously right now I’m doing something that’s a priority to me. So we don’t have to go to the VMAs this year. The VMAs will be there next year. And we’ll have a lot more music out by then.”

Rihanna’s next opp to re-up with Eminem for their hit record, “Love the Way You Lie,” takes place this coming Monday when the stadium tour shifts gear to Jay’s stomping grounds. There’s been no official word if Rihanna will appear at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, but it’s a safe bet production on her film won’t be wrapping up any time soon.

Do you think Rihanna will appear at Eminem and Jay-Z's New York show?