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xiaoyan liu


September 13, 2010

i like this title of my passage

i am very happy there were some friends read my blog after i wrote it

it shows i have friends even though they are just online friends

i really don't know why am so sensitive to think about how time flies

maybe sometimes i feel at loss.where am i?

actually i can not have a full sleep . i always think my future.

am a student .and my big wish is studying on abroad. am not sure if i can make this dream come true. there are really some needs for me..money ..friends..

so i always think of this..then i can not sleep well..am afraid that i will fall behind to other class mates..

but what i said am really a nice heart girl.

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01:49 AM Sep 13 2010



Very sweet sis ! We're here for u dear friend so don't panic and keep smiling :) best wish for u