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xiaoyan liu


September 14, 2010

maybe am crazy or maybe i can not accpet something in reality

when i saw somene pretend her/his face. i just feel disguesting. how can i do? ok i just keep away from this kind of person. because i don't like this style. too fake.my life can not be like that.

if i can choose i really want myself to be a man. of course not throughout plastic surgen. because man can not have so complicated thoughts and interpersonal. i don't like myself to be a weak person. but most of time am too sensitive. when i watch a movie ,no one cry for that..but  i drop tears...god jesus!

i really want to say..congratulations . i grow up compare with my past

i really want myself to be a pure ..i think i am. but this circle of relationship is really suck. u can not guess what they think about.

partly i just keep sclient.

u know i really want to do these ...i want to escape one island then live there. shit .am old enough .but i really want to have a teddy bear to sleep.

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View all entries from everything interesting >

06:12 PM Sep 14 2010



Nothing's wrong with u xiao yan.  你海没有见好人, 小心哦。Wink

03:44 PM Sep 14 2010



when i will be rich,,i will be guy a sea ship and leave earth only because of hypocrites..