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xiaoyan liu


September 14, 2010

we always can not hold what is happiness or what is advantage in our hands.

especially for me.because am not a clever girl. am a silly girl

too silly can not hurt anyone. too silly just cry .even i didn't know what is important in my life. my study career.

my university life will end i turn back and see what did i do. yes..very sadness road. normally i know nothing before i came to university. my dear parents didn't teach me how to solve the interpersonal relationship. or what should i be a real adult. i am just a baby for them..like a princess..finally i am weak for anything..maybe drop tears is my really good capable.

i didn't mean to blame at my parents. i love them. i just blame at myself. am not clever than my mates for that shit life.

before i came to university. when i was at high school. one of my teacher told us. university is really good. u can get up late . the classes are so less . even though u can drop off the class.  u can easy got that degree..

i didn't listen this wierd teacher..but i really looked forward to go another different life. so i got here..and had not a serious attitude. ...ok. after 3 years.

guess what can i get? i didn't get scholaship. and i am not excellent student to make me go to another school by free exam...

maybe that is tragic for me.. how?

but on the another hand. what do i get? actually i got something treasure for my life ..i was a innocent girl ..then now..am a little mature.. life is always hard lesson for us..am i right?


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10:00 PM Sep 16 2010



Smilehappiness  is  contagious, let  me infect u ,lol.

remember "anyone that is going to step out uni always have such feeling like u."


12:45 AM Sep 15 2010



That’s true xiaoyan. ‘Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you’. Happiness is not to be pursued or held, but to be created. :) Past is past, past is not listening u, future is listening u now. :) Regret will bring u down, keep forward and be better person. Cheers.