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xiaoyan liu


September 20, 2010

wow..i just finished my second degree today

when i went out  it was rainning. and a little heavy. i wanna say the weather changes so fast. and this Autumn is so early to come.more freeze...it seems like i wore the short skirt yesterday..but today i need to wear thick clothes..Kiss

i went outside with my mate..then we sit on the hot pot restaurant .it is informal..just some chairs outside..and it doesn't have door and windows..i can not eat this kind of food at home..because my dear mum will suggest me or order me..don't eat that..it is dirty..blabla...but now am at school.i can eat what i want..haha..normally i can not take care of myself so well...i guess my stomach will be uncomfortable...who care...haha..let us eat first..

wow..one by one..finally it was on my douch..my treat..so i paid 18 rmb..hehe..not a little..but they taste kind of good...haha...

ya...that is me..when i have dilicious food to have..then i am so happy..like a happy mouse..hehe..

i am happy today...at this moment...

hi...cheers all!..

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View all entries from everything interesting >

07:42 PM Sep 20 2010



Happy girl