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xiaoyan liu


September 24, 2010

i like watching gay movies..and i love..but am not addicted to that

i always think gays are very handsome..out of my imagination..and they are cool.and i think i just think of this pure feeling of that..and i approvl of lesbian's love..that is really love...or maybe am a lesbian too..maybe...i don't know..but that is my feeling..they are equal to exist ..

tonight is the night of my life...tomorrow is the first day of my life..

i should handle this meaning of life..and am already adult...i think i can do everything better...

love is wonderful..but we need to choose a suitable person to love

and don't waste time for someone who doesn't love u

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View all entries from everything interesting >

01:30 PM Sep 27 2010



o hi but y u like gay movies dyem Money mouth

03:28 AM Sep 25 2010



Sorry, but I dislike gays and lesbians. I am for normal relationship and think that man is for woman, woman is for man!!!

12:22 PM Sep 24 2010

Mapleleaf Man

I'm glad that you posted this blog. A little while ago I met a girl who really liked the soft gay dramas from Japan, I think they are called boy love movies. She sent me a video of one and, while I can't say that I really liked it, I could see how it would seem gentle and pure to someone else. I find the whole Japanese experience to be quite unusual and very interesting. I'm happy that there are some open minds in China, too. I'm smiling!

06:37 AM Sep 24 2010



i read your blog and it's very interesting. so i think gay or lesbian love is a very normal thing. you know these people life/feel like we all... they only love the same gender which they're. hmmm i don't have a problem with lesbians/gays... i know some people here which are homoseual ~ and they're realy nice people : and normal too. one question too you all : why homosexual people are un normal ?