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xiaoyan liu


September 27, 2010

hi..everyon  is here..i just came back home

Innermongolia..some of my foreign friends just went here for travel..they enjoyed the sunshine of big grassland..rode horses..tried to taste the roaste lamb..so wonderful..then went to desert..sit in the special truck..

but how i feel at my hometown? it is totally different from their opinions..just SO COLD here..i mean..big wild..u can just enjoy the warm sunshine at noon..i need more thick clothes..i hope all my foreign friends could feel better..

actually i accept all kinds of foreigners..the basic is just kind person...polite enough and know how to respect me..maybe some of them like Chinese culture..maybe just have pure heart to make money here...

long time homesick...i don't know how to say..i just miss my parents..when i got home..i miss my friends too

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