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xiaoyan liu


September 30, 2010

today is my mum's birthday..she is already 44..haha..a secret...don't tell her..haha...she is a cute mummy...nice...and i think she is a child..so i look like her..am a child too..even though am 22Tongue out

i planed to buy a gift for my  mum..a little bear..but i think that is my favourite..not for my mum..so finally i bought a birthday cake for her..it was full of cream and fruits..nice...soft sweet taste...my mum..my parents..maybe they are too traditional and normal..their thoughts..they never had birthday cake for themselves..just for my brother and i...pityCry

i have to say..they are so kind and so nice..as i grow up..i realize that day by day..i should do good for them...the best way to have a bright future to them..

i love u my lovely parents...smile...Kiss


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08:03 AM Sep 30 2010



happy birthday for her ^-^ wish her the best :) let her become old and stay health ...

07:03 AM Sep 30 2010


First of all: thanks for your comment on my blog (n_n) Can I add you as a friend? :)

Wow, so today is your mom's birthday! How nice! 

You chose a good gift for her, I mean, a birthday cake is soo delicious. I want a piece now! haha


Well, tell your mom that I wish her the best! 

Here, I made it myself. I hope you two like it! x) (pandas are sooo cute)

04:17 AM Sep 30 2010




Best wishes to your dear Mommy!

02:09 AM Sep 30 2010

AngeL Roses
Saudi Arabia

Happy Birthday
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