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xiaoyan liu


October 1, 2010

my home is a small town..it is not doult for that

i just feel happiness of this...stay with my parents eveyday..even though my ife is not that wealth..but nice...because i can feel true caring from my parents..my mum get up early in the morning..then do jogging ..walking..then buy nice breakfast for my father and i..so nice...my mum is really so deligent..hehe..they are all like that..

here is colder..inner mainland of CHina..always with windy..i just want to stay inside of cover..hehe...keep warm...

am happy for this tiny life..warm enough..

by the way today is China's National Day..my country was found in 1949..we already have 61 years lively life...nice ..huh? as we all know...the policy of CHina's society is different from other western countries...

but we are the same..we are all human beings..we all live in this lovely and wonderful planet..earth!!!..huhu...


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11:13 PM Oct 09 2010



where ever you live................

it isn t important, not as much as the love  of your parents.

So many children - no matter how old they are - never felt 

parents love.

So, enjoy it, as long as you have a chance for it

I have 3 kids, and I m happy , also when it is hard work to educate them.

But, children are a present, aren t they ??


zai jian

09:19 AM Oct 01 2010

im taiwanese

hello i'm from Taiwan.i'm envy of your family,feel warm.. even throgh my english is not good, i hope you could understand what i'm speak.. haha..