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xiaoyan liu


October 2, 2010

simetimes when am alone ..i just think about something..hehe..small boring things are around me..hehe..but i just feel so funny..

sometimes i am like a child..pure mind..when i saw a foreigner..then i just consider how is his life in China? so brave to travel alone..or work alone here..if i were him..am i that brave? will i cry? wowow...i don't knowCry

my dear dad suggest me that i should go home home town to visit my grandma..she is nearly 80 years old..my dad just said..he was not sure how long will live for his mother...so i should go there to call at her..yayaya..nice..and i really enjoy the time of countryside..haha..

we had nice lunch today with my parents...called Hot pot..but not that spicy..i can choose pure soup..haha..they love me..so they have the same tasty with me..and with speial dish..a little salty..but that is nice..because am from north of CHina..so my tasty is a little heavy...

love u all

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View all entries from everything interesting >

11:07 PM Oct 09 2010



hot pot..............

whenever I remember on that, my mouth becomes burning.

I tried hot pot from Sichuan, for western ppl toooo hot.

but our chinese guide loved that food a lot 

the is from Shang Hai.


01:07 AM Oct 04 2010


wow .....hot pot ... pure soup ... tipical chinese food ...are u from DongBei...