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xiaoyan liu


October 4, 2010

i wrote my happiness words at home these days..

but i found i need some help..i know am not too old or too young..but the life troubles are always coming as a slient way..we are the human beings..the most smart animal around the world..but god make us too complicated...for example..when we need a good quality nap at noon..but u can hear something noise out of the window...then u can not sleep well..just get up..and adapt ur attitude..

yes...we need to control our temper ..as human beings..we are so hard...Cry

simetimes  i just want to gain some mature..make me so peaceful..no envy..no jealous..no boring..i just need something to live so relax...

maybe i need read some philosiphy book..i think i like DAO 道教。。a very ancient Chinese book in CHina...it includes much useful knowldge and common things of reality...

maybe i want this life to be perfect...but no one is perfect...there is no 100% gold in the world...

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12:43 PM Oct 04 2010



hmmm thats true :) nobody can't be perfect ... you know it makes us perfect cause we're not perfect :D