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xiaoyan liu


October 6, 2010

don't get a big shock!..yes...harvard university..i like this kind of universty

but i don't know if i have a chance to study there..just admire..

it is a really big reputation!..

i read some interesting English book about America..i don't know why there are so many CHinese people..nearly halp population is Chinese in New York city...because CHina already has a big basic population around the world..and they are smart..but i would like to say...they are more kind ....and pure..basically...not all...

and i noticed there are also a large amount of CHinese study there...wow...i wanna do that too...

hehe..i think just be peaceful and trust myself..then i also can do that..

everything is possible...huh


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11:51 AM Oct 07 2010

Syrian Arab Republic

Harvard, I think you're kinda dreaming

05:54 AM Oct 06 2010


Oh, it's a great university to study at. And, I agree: it's not impossible! I'd like to study at a foreign university, just like Princetown, Cambridge, etc; but I have no idea how to get there! That's why I'll try a brazilian college =/

But, hey... what do you intend to be? I mean, about profession. Do you have any idea? :)


01:56 AM Oct 06 2010



Smileyeah , nothing  is  impossible, u could do  that only inside ur belief. best wishes,xiaoyan.