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xiaoyan liu


October 7, 2010

Kissu know i enjoyed my holidays these days at home with my parents

but tomorrow i will go to school by train ..from Hohhot to Beijing..nearly 10 hours train trip..

i am a little sad now...or nearly it is easy for me to drop tears...always so sensitive girl..so what did i do this morning? i bought some special traditional presents for my friends...i bought a lot...a little heavy for me..most of presents are for my foreign friend..they are my friend..maybe they treat me as the same..when we had the mid autumn festival..i gave them mooncake..and care for me as my capable way..

i also admit CHinese culture is different from foreign culture..maybe i am too kind hearted..and they need something to take it slwoly..don't rush...

but don't worry...i will adjust my attitude...

no matter what happened...i totally know...i can not force anyone to do anything ..even though it is just a pure relationship...

and why do i need to care for them ...on the opposite way i care for me less??? that is not good...i think i have something to do ..my study...yes...it seems am too stupid to do anything ..just study..so  i should make it well

i want to say..i already do well...my kind heart...so now..what ever...let it free..bye bye...

i should take a light and relax mood for my journey...and for my beijing study life..

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01:21 PM Oct 07 2010



i know that too, then i visit my grandparents i take the train too. but then i have to go back home its hard ... you allways want to stay longer :D