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xiaoyan liu


October 12, 2010

tiny broken heart

broken into pieces

i never thought there is so deep gap between u and me...

i just think of if i have true heart to treat u good..

then u can feel comfortable..

but i am wrong...

totally wrong


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04:34 PM Oct 18 2010


United States

Hi All, I think all sensitive people will suffer in their life. There are only few people, really sensitive and want make an effort in understanding your feeling. Most people are in hurry and superficial.  Rarely can we find our soul mate, really our soul mate. There is a lot of unhappiness in the world. Without real role model in our life, without faith we go to now where… SO we have trust in God, doing good things in our life and hoping to good things happen in our life.I am one of the million of people very sensitive, none understood,unhappy , BUT my faith will help me to surpass all difficulties in this life.

I wish you all sensitive people be happy, be well.