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xiaoyan liu


October 21, 2010

i have 4 meals per day..or these two days..i should give a warning ..don't eat so much ..then i will be a fat pig..

girls are all like slim..yes..we are...actually my weight is just 41 kg...normally it is belong to be the thin...

what did i have at 4 meals? except the 3 main dish..then i had other snacks..and fruits..after having these..my belly is always round..haha...but after toliet..just plain..hehe...magic..Tongue out

i talked to my friend...the topic is Plastic surgen..we just know so many korea people do that..especially the stars..then i asked her funny questions are like this...

Me:do u think where should i change in my face?

She: (think about for a while then answer me) wow..ur nose...

Me: what?!!! oh my god..my nose is cute and nice..i know it is not high but it is all right..if i can change..i hope my height can be taller..haha

She: we all lack of confidence..

i think it is a funny dialog..but i told her...i have high confident..that is true...i think am unique..and am beautiful..maybe different have different opinions..but the precious thing is i know am the only one..hehe...

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