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xiaoyan liu


October 27, 2010

such a beautiul warm today..no big wind..extremely tipical autumn day in beijing

u can imagine how nice it is..when we close our eyes...sit on the park's chair under the sunshine..a bowl of warm sunshine touch ur face..very nice and clean face with full o sunshine..

3 days later it will be Halloween day..it is a ghost day...western festival..i have never celebrated that..one of my friend said maybe he can take me go to a party..am curious of that...or maybe he is just such busy...but that is ok...

i just don't want to have too much hope or life..then suddenly everything will be fake..so how should i do..i just need a peaceful heart...

i hope i can a very peaceful heart..then am not a normal girl..maybe am a godess..haha?

smile with my dimple

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View all entries from everything interesting >

07:21 AM Oct 28 2010

xiaoyan liu

hahaha!...terrible smile

11:57 PM Oct 27 2010


Hi Xiaoyan,

 Truely, amaizing description of the atmosphere there ..Cool i was about to take my sun glasses and set off for a journey to China to enjoy that sunny mild day..lol

really it is wonderful to go out in such wonderful weather to enjoy relaxation under the warmth of the sun with a cool breath of fresh air....

Happy Halloweenm Xiaoyan

Don't feel lonely if the one you depend on to take you to the festival is busy. Sometimes we can't achieve all what we wish.. but excuse him may be he will be truely busy and it can't be helped and it is out of his hand...

talking about dimples !!Laughing    Look at urself in the mirror ... I think you will see the most beautiful smile you have ever seen ... such smily face is rare..

waiting for your new blog


Ahmad ( without dimplesFoot in mouth , the man with horrible smile )